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Modalert 200 mg


As one of several products from our offer that contain modafinil, Modalert is a sought after brand due to its practical properties. This product is in the tablet form, with each tablet weighing exactly 200 mg which makes experimental measurements very simple. It is delivered in original factory packaging, thus vouching for the purity as well as integrity of the contents. Because of this, Modalert 200 mg represents great value for researchers looking for a steady and reliable modafinil formulation.


Due to its unique interaction with dopamine receptors, modafinil has attracted a lot of scientific attention lately. This chemical has a formula C15H15NO2S, while its CAS number is 68693-11-8. It is sometimes mentioned in literature as Dyphenylmethylsulfinylacetamid, and is available under many different brand names including Modalert. Some of the most important properties of interest to science include its unusual behavior in the role of a dopamine transporter blocker, as well as its ability to interact with various enzymes.


As with all other chemical products available from our shop, Modalert 200 mg must be handled and stored in a responsible and safe manner. It should be kept in a secure location and used only according to best practices of laboratory research with mandatory use of adequate equipment (i.e. gloves and goggles). Only in vitro experiments under controlled and replicable conditions are allowed with this chemical agent, and any other use falls outside the scope of our terms and conditions.


With fast and reliable deliveries all around the world, Modafinil Shop is one of the best suppliers of Modalert 200 mg tablets on the internet. This product may contain substances which may be subject to legal restrictions in some parts of the world. Buyers have the responsibility for any products they order from our website and must take the required steps to meet local laws and regulations.
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